Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Simple Line Following Mobot

A year ago I built a simple line following mobot. It doesn't use any microcontroller(Arduino, PIC, Atmel, etc.) and even logic ICs.

Simplest Line Following Mobot

This line following mobot uses basic electronic components. Actually, the circuit for this mobot is based on the previous project light/dark activated switch.

The chassis and wheels of the robot are recycled materials. The body is from a box of cookies and the wheels are from the container of wafer stick. I also added a wristband from one of presidential candidates last election for the additional traction of the wheel.

The whole circuit for this mobot is not mounted on a pcb nor a protoboard but on a mini-breadboard. I also uses scrap components for this mobot I found on my bin. 

The circuit on the mini-breadboard

This is the circuit of the simple line following mobot.

Basic components are used in this mobot. I uses the following components(all in pairs): bright leds, resistor, variable resistor, ldr, general purpose npn transistor, signal diode, spdt relay and a geared dc motor. 

Here are some pictures of the mobot parts:

Top view of the mobot

DC Geared Motor with recycled wheels.

Sensor part: pair of LEDs and LDRs.

Powered up!

Isometric view of the robot

This is a simple demo video showing the performance of the mobot:

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PLease mail me the parts list of simple line follower mobot.