Saturday, January 1, 2011

Logic Based Digital Queuing System Circuit (74192 counter)

Another common logic circuit project is an electronic queuing system.

This is a simplified design using a up/down counter IC, 74192. It is a versatile logic IC that has a separate pins for up and down count. Also, an RS latch is used for the indicator of the counter number.

Here is the schematic/circuit design.

Please note:
1. Check the V+ and GND of the IC used. They are hidden on the schematic.
2. The seven-segment display needs current limiting resistor.
3. Switch debouncer circuit might be need if switch bounces are present. A reference on switch debouncer(Click Here).

Simulation video using Proteus Isis 7(Download proteus here):

Logic Based Digital Queuing System (74192 counter)


Anonymous said...

can I make it a 3 level queing system?as when 1st reaches 9 the 3rd starts now i want to make it like this when 1st reaches 9 2nd starts and when the 2nd reaches 9 the 3rd starts please tell me is this possible? and if yes so how?

Philip Anthony said...

This is amazing! thank you so much.

Unknown said...

i dont really understand the flow of the system. can you explain?

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much.